shareit for pc windows free download

shareit for pc windows free download :-

shareit for pc windows free download allows users to transfer of files from different types of devices such as tablets, phones and computer devices. By simply using direct internet/WiFi connections, the application sends photos, files, videos and applications in between two or more than two devices. SHARE it is one of the awesome applications capable of providing both fast and safe file transfer in different formats among devices, which include tablets, Smartphones and computers with every possible platform. In addition, you do not require to activate Bluetooth no longer or to connect any external cable/USB wire. Instead, you only have to setup connection of each device via WiFi.

SHARE it for Android :-

shareit for pc windows free download

How to Download SHAREit for Android

Users may download the SHAREit application in their Android phones/devices from the Google Play Store. 

shareit for pc windows free download

How SHAREit for Android is Helpful

SHAREit transfers files in between users without any usage of cloud storage. Individuals may share videos, photos, local music files, apps and documents in between devices. Best thing about this app is easily communicates with every other device enabled with SHAREit irrespective of the platform.

Noticing fact about SHAREit app is that it transfers data via Bluetooth or a general Wi-Fi connection. Rather, it establishes a direct wireless connection with maximum five devices, as similar to any small network. Once connected to any other device, the app helps in both sending and receiving of files in a hassle-free manner. Alternatively, Android device users may clone any device and transfer contents to any other device.

Key Features of SHAREit for Android at a Glance

  • SHAREit is the worldwide Cross-platform File Transfer Tool
  • SHAREit application is the fastest tool to transfer every type of file
  • App shares every type of file irrespective of its type and place.
  • App operates at approximately 200 times higher speed than the speed of Bluetooth.
  • Application eliminates the usage of any mobile data, USB or internet facility. Instead, SHAREit does its job of transferring files via wireless internet connection.
  • SHAREit is the preference of more than 600 millions of users from 200 different countries across the world.
  • SHAREit app gives support to iOS i.e. iPad or iPhone, Windows Phone, Mac and Windows PC, being a cross-platform application/tool.
  • It helps users to control the PPT directly by using their devices
  • Along with this, SHAREit is able to replicate contacts, MMS and SMS messages, apps, musical contents, video contents and various other data from any old device to a new one in a single click.

SHAREit for Windows PC

shareit for pc windows free download

When users of shareit for pc windows free download require access of files and share them with various devices, they only require a cross-platform system to transfer files. Thanks to the launch of SHAREit and its operation in any Windows PC. SHAREit for PC is a useful application that gives access to many files stored on almost every type of device, such as laptops, PCs, Smarphone devices, Android sets and various other systems. In fact, app is an interface to transfer files in different devices.

shareit for pc windows free download :-

  • shareit for pc windows free download allows users to send varieties of contents, which include music files, images, movies and videos and so on.
  • You may send every type of file within only few seconds, which may range from minimum 1MB and goes up to 100GB.
  • The app allows you to identify other users easily within the range for sharing of files
  • SHAREit may connect Android to Windows Phone and/or iPhone easily.
  • SHAREit app is available to every Windows PC at free of cost

How to Download SHAREit for Windows PC

shareit for pc windows free download shareit for pc windows free download shareit for pc windows free download shareit for pc windows free download shareit for pc windows free download

shareit for pc windows free download :-

  • Firstly, shareit for pc windows free download user should check for minimum requirements to install SHAREit on their Windows PCs. For PC should essentially possess RAM of 1GB and free space of 200MB.
  • After this, you should download available set up available from the official Lenovo website.
  • Once you click on the download link, shareit for pc windows free download you will get a prompt to save application setup. Only, you should click on save option.
  • Now, users have to open the downloaded file of SHAREit set up available for Windows.
  • You have to license agreement page and select a specific location to install this app.
  • On doing the above step, installation of SHAREit app will start on the Windows PC and it requires only One minute completing entire process of installation.
  • Finally, you have to open SHAREit app from an icon available on your PC.

SHAREit for Mac and iOS Devices

shareit for pc windows free download

SHAREit for Mac phones and devices is a free application/tool, by which you may send contents at highest possible speed in between different types of devices. Contents include documents, music, photos, videos and folders.

Thus, you may transfer files of GBs size in between two Mac devices within only few minutes and without use of USB and data cable. SHAREit for Mac helps in sharing of files with additional privacy and security. This app allows direct saving of files on devices rather than on cloud platform. In this manner, you may easily transfer files between every Mac, Windows and other devices.

How to Download SHAREit for Mac and iOS Devices

  • shareit for pc windows free download Users have to start the download process by visiting the official Lenovo site, from where they will find SHAREit.
  • Later on, you have to scroll down and click on link highlighting download on Apple Store.
  • From here, you will directly go to Apple’s official web page and later on, get prompt to obtain SHAREit for iOS/iPhones available on iTunes. After you sign in account, you may start with downloading of SHAREit.
  • You will get downloaded and installed file on iTune and under app section present in your user account with iTunes.
  • Lastly, you should open SHAREit app available for Mac devices and apply necessary settings to make it ready for transfer of files with shareit for pc windows free download.