Android file transfer mac

Android file transfer mac

Smartphone has now become the need of each and every person say for personal or professional purpose. With rapid development and usage, smartphone users keep on feeding their cellphones with lots of important or sometimes fun materials. For maintaining a record, the need of sharing apps is getting in demand constantly. Sharing through Bluetooth or jumbled cables has now turned into ‘the Adam Era’.  The continuous advancement in technology has invented many file sharing apps with zero cables and Xender is on top among them.

Xender is a well known application for transferring files over cross platform devices. It enables a hassle free connectivity between versatile devices. Xender supports file transfer among android, windows and iOS operating based mobile or pcs. It is capable of sharing unlimited sizes of files without costing data connection. Remarkably, Xender works 100 times faster than Bluetooth on cross platform transfer.

Technology and Supporting Devices:

As discussed on earlier articles, Xender works on WiFi stimulating protocol. Hence it does not require cable connections. As the effectiveness of wifi ranges in a limited area so all the devices of particular wifi zoned area would get connected through xender. Xender has capability of sharing file among four connected devices at a time. It allows unlimited size of file and supports all types of file whether it is images, video, audio, pdf, documents or heavy graphics based games.

Xender has inbuilt feature for sharing data among connected devices. Unlike other applications, Xender comes with PC mode feature which allows users for transferring files from mobile to pcs. Therefore, it does not require any third party software for making xender work. All you need is to download xender through google store or apk version files and connect it with other devices for sending or receiving data. Xender for android can connect with windows, iOS and other operating system based devices. With Xender, you can establish connection between windows pc, Mac, Blackberry and iPhone as well. Downloading and usage procedure are available with other articles.

File Transfer from Android to Mac:

Xender is a user friendly file sharing app with flash speed. For user’s convenience, xender always show up with new updates. These updates include developmental features which make file sharing process effortless. As discussed earlier that it does not require any third party software for downloading on pc, Xender comes with inbuilt feature of sharing files. For getting facilitated with numerous features of Xender, you should download it without wasting a single minute. And for those who already have one, please make sure that your application is up to date. The updated version of Xender has multiplatform integrated function. This feature enables multiplatform connectivity and sharing on the go.

The user friendly interface of Xender is helpful even for naïve users with zero knowledge of technicalities. Yes, Xender has instructional based direction which makes new users task easier. Nevertheless we are sharing a complete procedure for connecting and accessing the Xender app for android to pc.

Android and MAC Connecting Procedure:

  • Launch Xender application on your android device. Make sure that your devices are connected with same wifi connection
  • It will open a file transfer page along with various platforms for establishing connection. Here you can located a PC/ MAC option

Android and MAC Sharing Procedure:

After establishing connection, it is mandatory to understand the proper way of sharing files from android to pc/ MAC and pc/MAC to android based devices. There are two ways to proceed while transferring data among connected devices. First one is manual transfer where users choose required files and upload it to webpage Xender and another one is Automatic process which is based on Drag and Drop feature. As the name suggest that the drag and drop feature is most usable procedure for transferring data.

Mac to Android Device: In this you are required to open both (sender and receiver) window of mobile and pc on a screen. Now select the desired files and simply drag it from one window to another and drop there.

  • For sharing file with more than 10 MB size is required to get connected under the same WiFi network.

Android device to MAC: For transferring files from android based device to pc/ MAC, you need to choose ‘File’ option as shown in image below. After choosing, you can select desired file for sending it to pc.

  • Click on ‘download’ option, available on ‘Upload File’ bar, after choosing a file.

After clicking on Download option, your selected file will start loading to your PC.

Here ends the sharing process steps. Xender is very reliable application in comparison to rest file sharing app. As it does not require personal information for processing, you can trust this app for security concern. This app is available for free of cost. Xender has phone replica feature which backup all your documents with a click while moving from one smartphone to other. Xender is capable of grouping more than two devices at a time for transferring important files. The flash speed transfer is a highlighted feature which would amaze you while accessing Xender.  No cable usage provides a hassle free connectivity.

If you find this article helpful, do share the feature of Xender to your near and dear ones so that they would too get benefitted with Xender. In case you find any difficulty in file transfer from Android to MAC through xender, do let us know.